Cheap DIY Bathroom Reno

We moved into our 1941 home just over 5 years ago and while I loved the “charm” of the pink tiled bathroom, after a year or so it just looked old and dingy. We wanted to do a bathroom remodel but were quoted close to $15K, which was obviously a no go considering we’d get no extra square footage. It’d basically be a $15,000 nicer place to poop. We put it off for years until a realtor friend mentioned the trend of using epoxy paint to make it look new. This is not a HOW TO blog, because we 100% hired a company called Miracle Method to do the tile painting. If you want to DIY, it’s the cost of the paint. To repaint all our tile, sink, tub, etc it cost $800. So we didn’t demo or replace anything. They painted our tile, re-grouted…and then below I’ll share what I did for finishing touches. All of this for less than $1000 and it looks brand new. Well it does to me :)

  1. Painted my vanity a dark green. (1/4 gallon for $9.99)

  2. Replaced the knobs with wooden ones (5 x $.59)

  3. Bought an ivy plant from Home Depot for $9.98

  4. Got this adorable 3ft Jute Farmhouse rug from here. I wouldn’t say they’re specifically bathroom mats, but I liked it and it’s held up so far. I scored it for $24.99

  5. I got the Round braided mirror on clearance from Target for $22

  6. Got a floating birch shelf rom Target for $9.99 and put a $4.98 spider plant from Home Depot on it.

  7. Got a shower curtain from Target for $14.98. I kind of wish I’d held out for this one now though lol

Total cost was $899.96.