~Actual conversation with my husband that happened this week~

Anthony: (startled from a dead sleep) whoa was that an earthquake?!?
Me: (wide awake with heartburn) no I just rolled over
Anthony: oh ok (falls back asleep)
Me: sigh 🙈

We had our anatomy scan on Monday, which is by far the coolest thing I've experienced yet. They show you everything. It's like a guided tour through your baby's insides.  A once in a lifetime event to see all four chambers of your son's heart beating. I just kept staring at the screen thinking...he didn't even exist a few months ago...and now he looks like an actual human...I should get a medal or something.

At one point she flipped it in 3D mode and I muttered "oh holy shit!" There he was kicking, punching, and flailing around.  It was at this moment the nurse started making some weird dance music with her mouth as if that was the cause of his great dance moves. She won't win Grammys, but I went with it. She tried 7 times to snap a photo of him before saying "Well you definitely have yourselves an active baby."  It should be noted that she is the now the 4th technician to say that.

He's kinda blurry, but here he is.  Anthony says this is how I look when I'm sleeping.

Sidenote: I know I'm fixating, but his shoulder is super cute lol Probably the cutest shoulder I have ever seen. He should win a "Best Shoulder" medal....if they make those.


Here is his first dick pic.


And just when things were wrapping up, something strange made an appearance on the ultrasound.  There I was as Anthony, the nurse and the doctor all watched apple juice I had drank before my appt, dump into my bladder and startle my baby.  No seriously, it swooshed into my bladder and he jumped.  It was then that the doctor announced to the room, "Looks like some fluids just went into your bladder. Good to know everything is in working order with you too, Mom!"  I'm thinking..."Thanks! Glad you all could be here to see my pee on the inside. What a momentous day for us all."

21 weeks, 133 days left

September 13, 2015


Besides the usual suspects (frequent peeing, itchiness, disturbing dreams, weird boob stuff, etc)...he's kicking so hard you can finally feel it from the outside. I keep getting worried he might kick so violently he'll pop through like that alien in Spaceballs with the top hat and killer dance moves. I'm not sure if I like the feeling yet.  Right now it's just kinda weird.  Also I really hope I don't have a dream about that alien from Spaceballs.

I'm still not sold on the whole "pregnancy craving thing", but I have been eating lots of crumpets! I wouldn't say that I've been craving them at 2am or doing weird stuff like sending Anthony to the store at inappropriate times like they do in the movies, but I did buy a pack at the grocery store and they are delicious.  It's my new breakfast thing.  Baby likes crumpets...Kristen likes crumpets...or as I like to call them "half an English Muffin".

I'm not sure what that word means.

in, just not as in as it was...

UFC Fit.  I've still been doing the modified routines every day.  Ironically, when I work out, I'm far less tired throughout the day.  Before I started this, you might've mistaken me for a extra on The Walking Dead, but no more.  I'm a lean, mean...not as tired human making machine.

A rotation of Anthony's shirts plus a pair of maternity pants I got at H&M.

to see what he looks like when he's not all smushed up against my placenta. Call me crazy, but from that picture I think he has my face shape...and Anthony's mouth. Ahhhh it's like come on out already crazy baby!

wine...red wine...specifically a glass of J. Lohr 2011 Merlot.  One of my best friends is in town visiting and it doesn't feel right going to bed without purple teeth.  Gotta be honest, even if I was a progressive French woman who still believed alcohol was ok during pregnancy...it would not be worth the heartburn. Repeat...nothing is worth heartburn. Note to self: remember to thank baby Jesus for the invention of Tums.