Anthony and I started watching all kinds of Lamaze, childcare and delivery classes online and it's been awesome, overwhelming and hysterical.  I highly recommend Laugh and Learn About Childcare with Sheri Bayles.  She's so candid and informative...pretty sure it was shot in the 90's..that or she just has amazing hair and parachute pants.  Just watch it.  

Very long and exhausting week.  Being on set took it out of me...5am wake up calls on no coffee is brutal.  I've taken 4 naps this weekend trying to catch up.  This is what it looks like to grow a human...

Me and my protectors :)

27 weeks.  Dear Third Trimester, be better than the last two. I believe in you.

15 lbs ...as you can see...2 chins...and swollen face...wedding ring on pinky finger...

Swollen.  Sooooo swollen.  My toes look like small italian sausages and my wedding ring looks like a XS condom choking the life out of an NBA player's dong.  

Something else that's new....I was woken in the middle of the night by the most intense charlie horse my calf has ever known.  I couldn't straighten my leg for fear my muscle would actually snap.  It felt like someone was stabbing me over and over again. I screamed so loud that Anthony sprung to action and grabbed the bat by the bed thinking someone was attacking me.  I was by no means exaggerating.  Never had such an intense charlie horse.  In fact, I woke up in the morning and saw that I had been bruised from the inside by it...and to be honest its still sore.  Oh pregnancy...you keep getting better and better.

Grapes.  Again, not a craving per se, but I've eaten 3 full containers of grapes in the past three days.  Like the whole thing.  Like how you buy it in a bag or plastic carton thing?  ya I have been eating a whole one of those things a day.  Can't say that's normal. Must be my innermost desire for wine creeping to the surface. 

Praise baby Jesus...I've been sleeping!  Sure I wake up to pee and deal with the occasional murderous leg cramp, but when I sleep...I sleep...and what more could a girl ask for at this point? Here's my nap buddy below...

We have liftoff! a little nubbin swirl...poking out. Belly buttons are weird. I'm pretty sure mine is numb.  Is your's numb? 

I've received my first set of stretch marks in the underboob area.  They are red/purple-ish.  I guess boob stretch marks are ok...What's weird is that it appeared over night...and my boobs didn't seem to get bigger over night.  Meh, who knows? Pregnancy is the 8th wonder of the world.

Wedding ring had to be removed.  See previous NBA dong explanation.

As you can see...belly button poke-age.

I've been swimming a lot in the pool and doing about 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill every morning.  I've noticed a significant decrease in muscle...so I'm thinking of adding some low weights back into the mix.  I'm losing the battle to cellulite...no matter what I do, it seems to be multiplying.  The best thing about swimming is the weightlessness.  I didn't notice the difference when I got in the pool, but when I climbed out ...it took my breath away.  My boobs dropped and my belly damn near knocked me back in the pool...and it was then I realized the lack of back pain I had been feeling while in the pool...as it all surged back.  

Just wearing what I got.  At least my underwear still fits.  Guess that means my ass isn't getting huge.

For all the last minute things I've got left to do.  Maternity photos, baby shower, Lamaze classes, maternity tour...i feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  

Also, to burn off some excess Shelby energy and make a little extra baby cash-ola, we signed up to be dog watchers.  Here's our first meet and greet with a little girl we'll be watching in a couple of weeks.  This adorable dog was running in circles with Shleby. :)

bending at the waste, not looking fat, having one chin, being able to put on my own socks.