HOW FAR ALONG: 30 weeks. I can NOT believe in 2 1/2 months I’ll have another kid. Not sure that’s sunk in whatsoever lol I’ve just been coasting through this pregnancy trying to manage a toddler, starting a business and getting fat. Well, pregnant…but the same thing really.

WEIGHT GAIN: I started at 118 and I’m currently 143 ish. Definitely gained more this pregnancy than my first. So I think that’s like 25 lbs already with 10 weeks to go. Sheeesh

*Chomping on ice like some odd addict with a TLC show

*Insomnia and lots and lots of peeing. Nonstop peeing. Every 10 minutes peeing. It’s a nuisance.

*Hemorrhoids. Worst symptom ever. I stand by my statement that God and/or evolution should’ve designed that a little better. Things shouldn’t be just popping out.

*Lack of mobility, bending, squatting…moving at all really

*I get winded walking 10ft

*I found out I have gestational thrombocytopenia again, which means I have low blood platelets and they’re larger than average. I’m currently at the exact number I was with Killian, and dropping. What it means? I will not be allowed an epidural or pain medication during labor for risk of thinning the blood more and not clotting. It's actually a pretty scary condition for labor, so I’m trying my best not to think about it. I had a full episiotomy and vacuum extraction after a very violent day of Pitocin and back labor with Killian. I was left with 80 stitches and a cracked pelvis…with not a single pain med. Needless to say, I’m scared this go around. Praying my levels stay high enough that they don’t have to induce me with the evil Pitocin. Praying there are no complications…or back labor.

Fulfilling a bucket list dream and seeing Garth Brooks with the hubs.

Fulfilling a bucket list dream and seeing Garth Brooks with the hubs.

Ice. I eat at least a gallon of ice a day. I’m so not joking.

Eh. I’d be sleeping fine if it weren’t for my bladder waking me up 79 times a night.

Belly button is out, no stretch marks beside residual ones on my boobs from the first pregnancy…and wedding ring? well, it fits, but I retired it for the remaining 10 weeks because it’s been getting really hot and I fear the swoll.

I was. I stopped. I started having some of the breathing problems I had with Killian. Almost fainted a couple times…so I retired all the high energy cardio, weights, etc…and replaced it with something that has been life changing. An old friend of mine, Erin Haynes, is kind of a guru on all things yoga. Beyond the basics, she’s developed an expertise in prenatal yoga. And it definitely helps that she’s also a trained doula. Basically, she started working with me in my second trimester and has rocked my world. I didn’t even know it was possible to relieve some of the pain I was experiencing. Did I cry during our first session? perhaps lol Perhaps it hurt so good that tears rolled down my cheeks lol

Anyways, I convinced her to do some prenatal videos and put them on youtube because honestly….sharing is caring. I’d of died for these videos in my first pregnancy. No one should have to suffer through pregnancy pains. She has an answer for everything, I shit you not. I can point to a place on my body and she’ll show me what to do. Somehow, by talking her into doing the videos…I wrapped myself into being her guinea pig. So I apologize but you have to watch my third trimester self doing yoga while my son runs around and dogs bark. But hey, this is life, no? Just say thank you. lol

She also has been doing videos that you can do with your partner pre labor and/or during. It’s magic. Just magic. So if you’re one of the lucky ones who lives in Los Angeles, check her out and join a class. Here is her Facebook. And this is her website erinhaynesyoga.com. If you aren’t local…just watch the videos. You'll be happy you did. Here’s one of the first ones.

To find out gender. Even though I keep telling everyone I know it’s a boy, truth is I have no clue. 

Mobility. It’s very hard being a parent of a toddler boy when you can’t move very much or bend at the waste. I feel like I can’t keep up with him and I just feel guilty. Never ending mom guilt.

I had my third trimester ultrasound yesterday and found out the baby is head down. She said stranger things have happened, but usually once they’re down, they’re down. So fingers crossed, it looks like the baby is not breech. 

So much. I've been so busy hustling it's not even funny. I launched my own at-home dog boarding company trying to bring in extra cash for our family. That...and I freaking love dogs. And surprise, surprise...Killian's dog allergy vanished. You can follow the ridiculousness on IG if you're into that kind of thing @losangelesdogboarding. I'm actually pretty proud of myself bc since May, I somehow managed to be #1 in the Valley on Rover. lol The things you do to stay at home with your kid, right?

On top of that, Anthony and I have been working late nights and long hours trying to get a family business going. We're getting so close to being ready to launch and I can NOT wait to share. This year has all be about taking risks and hustling...and being pregnant. lol Doing it all for this guy.