32 weeks down, less than 8 weeks to go

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*The obsession with ice has reached a critical height. I can’t remember being addicted to something like this since I use to smoke.
*Still lots of peeing. So much pee.
*Heartburn. I get heartburn from water…water. Just let that soak in.
*Dark circles have gotten really bad. Likely due to my anemia and low blood platelets. I remember this happening last time. I basically look like a walker…from the walking dead. Whatever.
*I’ve told my husband that I’m boycotting anything that requires me to squat going forward because I don’t feel like hemorrhoids are a fair punishment.

Ice. I just wanna go to Antarctica and feast. Also, In & Out Burger has made a comeback in pregnancy #2. See photo for reference.


Sleep has been ok this week I suppose. I keep waking up at like 6AM though.

Belly button is out, no stretch marks, no wedding ring. Don’t laugh but I read an article saying if you wear metal during the eclipse it could harm your baby and then immediately was like, “Well shit…I know that’s absurd, but obviously, I can’t wear metal on Monday now.” They got me, guys…they got me.

Seems a lot of you guys were really interested in the prenatal yoga I’ve been doing with Erin, so here ya go…GOLD I TELL YA!. Another free prenatal class and also a short one with the rebozo (you can totally just use a scarf like I did). Grab your partner, a friend, co worker, the UPS guy... I don’t care who you grab, but beg them to do these moves to you. You will sing to the angels at the relief it gives your lower back and pelvis. As Maui says in Moana, “You’re welcome!” (I apologize for getting that song in your head)

It’s more so anxiety at this point. I’m really trying to not think about giving birth because I’m scared shitless.

A few days ago I shared with all of you my new venture in life. I’m not trying to play humble here….I truly thought no one would care. lol There’s such an over saturation on the internet of people trying to sell things or promote themselves that I think we kind of tune it out unconsciously. So when launching, I had no idea know how it would be received. What you guys have done for me over the past few days has brought me to tears. More than once. And not the irrational pregnant tears, but the from the heart ones. Strangers I never met, have been out there sharing my story, my store, my posts and it's all been overwhelming and more than appreciated. Maybe you're sharing b/c the products are super awesome and cheap, or maybe it’s loyalty. Whichever it is, we're so thankful and pouring all of it right back into the business. I never in a million years expected this but know that we appreciate it. Every sale, my husband and I dance around our kitchen and high five like teenagers. Thank you to everyone who's helping us and being a part of it. I promise you that I will never forget it...for as long as I live. Every name I will remember. www.myindiefamilystore.com 

Below is just a few photos of some products in our store.