As you can see, I've reached that stage in pregnancy, where I can no longer see or reach anything. So this morning I stood there in my bathroom as my husband shaved my hairy, bloated, cellulite legs and my toddler watched. Huh? What dignity?

HOW FAR ALONG: 33 weeks (just over)

WEIGHT GAIN: The number is truly unknown. See I gave them my starting weight of 118. However, we all know that when we weigh ourselves at home. We’re doing it first thing in the morning, before eating, completely nude, and after going to ::cough cough:: to the bathroom. Hell, I’ll even take jewelry off. I’m currently weighing in at 148 on the doctor’s scale. So I’d say I’ve gained somewhere between 25-30lbs. Not ideal, but this train is on its own track and I’m just along for the ride lol 

* Bad insomnia. Waking up like every hour at night for absolutely no reason
* My stomach is super tight. Feels like my skin is gonna tear in half. Insanely uncomfortable.
* I got a lump under my armpit that is visual from like 10 ft away. Apparently, it’s a fat cell? I don't know…it’s strange. Maybe I should name it?
* Leaky nipples
* I started eating so much ice, my freezer can’t catch up. So now we’re doing ice runs to the local liquor store.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Sleep has been terrible, but I’ve been squeezing in naps with Killian during the day. I’m no rookie this time around. I’m soaking up every bit of sleep I can before this new one comes. I’m also intelligent enough to know that's absurd and you can’t bank your sleep hours lol

Belly button is OUT OUT OUT. Wedding ring is stored away. Stretch marks? Well, somehow I managed to get through my last pregnancy with not a single one. And I reached 157lbs. I’m only 148 now and I noticed some near my belly button. I was like WTF and mentioned it to my OB at the last appt. Then she took a look and was like, “Oh you have a few small ones here too.” (pointing below the bump, to areas I haven’t seen in months) So that really sucks. I thought I’d have to stretch further than last time to get them, but apparently, that’s not how skin works. I know it’s par for the course, but it still sucks.

Prenatal yoga with Erin on the weekly. I’ve posted a few free videos here that she and I have done, but if you can’t find them, let me know. She did a great one for legs and back that have been pretty life changing for me. And I do the rebozo one every freaking day because it’s the only sweet relief I can find for all this uncomfortableness. The video below transcends yoga though. If you’re in your second or third trimester, you’re probably having difficulty maneuvering up and down without a helping hand. This video shows you the best ways to get up and down without injury. That may sound absolutely ridiculous, but the simple things in life aren’t always so simple when you’re growing human life.

EXCITED: Starting to get excited about finding out if it’s a boy or girl…although I’m pretty certain it’s boy. A fleeting thought passed me the other day that it could be a girl and it was thrilling to think about raising a tiny human that's female.

If any of you happened to read my blog a little over a week ago, then you know there’s been some pretty big life changes in the Lavin household. While I know it sounds like a dream on paper, I can assure you I was not prepared for this new “Life At Home with My Husband” saga lol While I love him beyond words, and him being at home has made my life exponentially easier (especially in my third trimester), it’s been an adjustment having this third wheel joining us all day. I think we both realized that a couple days in. We’ve had a lot of “talks” on parenting methods, disciplining Killian, the need for alone time, and how to never ever put bra’s in the dryer. It’s this weird dichotomy where I’m like, “Omg this is epic. My husband cleaned the toilets! I should be super thankful.”….but then like finding ways to gracefully tell him, he forgot to put the blue tablets in and wipe near the hinges. It’s been very hard for me to relinquish time away from Killian too. We have to trade off a lot on Killian, while one of us works on the business…and that kinda sucks. More time away from Killian isn't what I was hoping for. I miss us being in our own world with our own routine, but I suppose with the new baby on the way this was inevitable anyway. I’m beyond thankful to have my partner with me every day, but I know we’re both maxed out on each other right now. Mixing business with pleasure is a feat neither of us has mastered quite yet. And I won't lie, I find myself getting jealous when Killian asks Anthony for something instead of me. Cheers to figuring it out.