Still didn’t workout. Not even once. lol But I did eat a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. I mean…where’s all that time I thought I was going to have once I became a SAHM? Where is it? Must be hiding with all the fucks I give on having a belly pooch apparently. Here's a series of selfies I took yesterday morning to feel better about myself.

Killian crawls to my boob, pulls down my shirt, yanks out my breast pad and latches himself. Who needs sign language? He’s got this. 

We also tried peanut butter…you can read about it here.

I take no credit, because I did nothing different…but Killian just figured out the whole sleep thing on his own the past couple weeks. Like he created a schedule himself and just sticks to it. It’s nice when your days get a little more predictable. Not only that, but I can put him down for his naps awake and he just rolls over…little to no fuss…and falls asleep. 45 minute intruder? Nope…we’re talking solid 1-2 hour naps twice a day. And he’s sleeping in till 7AM instead of that 6:15 crap. If he does wake up in the night? He just goes back to sleep. If I decide to go in? No boobs required…just a gentle back massage and he’s back in sleepy land. So ya…i did nothing. 



At his 8 month check up, he was 23 lbs 1 oz and 29 inches long. He’s still in the 90-97% for height, weight and head circumference. But apparently that means absolutely nothing whatsoever. It’s not indicative of him being tall or fat later in life. So…who cares? lol My doc said that for men…add 5 inches to the mom’s height and average with dad’s height. That’s the ballpark that he’d be at a minimum, BUT that sons are usually taller than their fathers. So there you have it. Killian should be minimum 5’9”ish, which is the height of Mark Wahlberg…so I’m ok with that. But I have a feeling he’ll be taller than Anthony. Me thinks booze stunted Anthony’s growth.


*He walks along the couch A LOT. I hear this is called crusin’.

*He likes to just…walk off. Like he’ll be holding onto the wall, the couch, or me… and then he just …walks away …and face plants. Sometimes he gets a second or 2 of hang time, but his ultimate demise is always waiting for him. He seems smart, so I’m not sure why he hasn’t figured out he can’t walk yet.

*On that note, he’s perfected his fall. He went through 3 days of purposely falling. He’d stand up and then plop down. He did it over and over and over agin. It appears the crowd favorite is falling right on the padded diaper butt.

*He understands the concept of over, under, inside, on top of. He likes to stack things or look under the blinds or inside the basket. He’s pretty mesmerized by it all.

*He loves throwing something down on the ground and then staring at it.

*Opening and closing doors? I guess this is pretty riveting stuff. 

*4 top teeth. They appeared overnight. I swear they weren’t there …and then he woke up with 2 new teeth. FYI babies get 20 teeth, so we’re almost 1/3 of the way there. (Adults have 32) 


  1. Killian walks on his toes. The pediatrician said it’s normal, but none of the other kids in class walk on their toes. Anthony blames the jumper lol
  2. Since as far back as I can remember, Killian screams bloody murder…like complete hysterics if I change him in a foreign location. Like the handful of times I had to do it…at the mall, the airport, on a plane and in the trunk of my car? He’s inconsolable. People must think I’m murdering him. It’s really weird. Anyone else’s kid? Just seems a bit dramatic to be crying like that just because it’s not your personal changing table. 

Everything really is a phase. Everyone tells you that, but you don’t get it until you come out the other end alive. Then you’re like, “oh awesome.” Everything is so easy once it’s over, right? 

Pregnancy? shoot me now. But now that it’s over? "Oh I guess it wasn’t so bad." 

Labor? ::shivers:: But now that it’s over? "Oh I guess it wasn’t so bad." 

Sleep Deprivation? i think i might die. But now that it’s over? "Oh I guess it wasn’t so bad."  

It’s funny. As parents we go through some pretty rough stuff. We power through and grasp at any internet advice we can find until we think we might just have a mental breakdown…and then the clouds part and the light comes down…and it’s all over and you wake up the next day saying dumb shit like “Oh I guess that wasn’t too bad” Insanity I tell ya.