Looking good Kristen...Looking Good. I give great face! 

37 weeks...3 weeks remaining...as in...in 21 days and I'll be painting half my face blue and shouting FREEDOM down the halls of Labor & Delivery! I have never been more ready to do this...lets birth some babies ya'll.


It appears that... this morning, on this day, of this year, I collected the one missing symptom to complete Kristen's Awesome Pregnancy Symptom Bingo. Upon doing my daily shower check, I discovered my first hemorrhoid. OF COURSE I DID! It really was the only thing left to collect, no? My pregnancy's final "fuck you" lol Ah well. Seems to be indicative that he's dropped into my pelvic area and putting pressure on my veins, so I guess this is a good thing? Means we're closer to go time. Still gonna bathe in a witch hazel sitz bath, dab some tea tree oil, and say a prayer, but I presume Hemmy has taken up residency until the end.

For the record, I was a vegetarian/quasi vegan before I got pregnant, so please be as shocked as I am when I tell you that this week I've eaten 4 In & Out Cheeseburgers, 4 lots of fries, 2 Root Beers and 2 strawberry shakes. I haven't had any cravings this whole pregnancy and I've been super healthy, but these last few weeks...I'm ravenous...and mainly for meat and cheese.  Maybe it's the anemia, maybe it's because it's insanely delicious...all I know is Mmmmmm

Waking up a lot more to pee, and it's really hard/uncomfortable to toss and turn, but I'm ok.  I take at least 2 naps a day lol  My doctor putting me on bed rest was exactly what I needed.  I thought I'd be bored and going crazy at this point, but honestly I've been very content sleeping...and occasionally moving...and sleeping some more. I left my house to do lunch with a friend and 30 minutes into it I felt like shit. My body was yearning for bed rest. I've learned my lesson. I'm hibernating now...hibernating till the end.

Belly button is fully out, no stretch marks, no wedding ring.


To give birth.  I finished my last hypnobirthing class on Thursday and I feel empowered. Hold on...don't roll your eyes. lol I'm just not scared of labor in the slightest.  I'm actually pretty anxious to see what it's like...and then make it my bitch.

I've also made the executive decision to just trust in Anthony and let him be my doula.  Fingers crossed he doesn't faint. I gave him a pep talk last night as we went over the "birth plan" and was like "I just need you to be Kristen when she's on the phone with customer service and they aren't giving her a discount or what she wants.  Can you do that? Can you be strong and not take any shit? And ask lots of questions?" lol  At the end of the day I don't want anyone else in the room with me besides him, so hopefully he's as prepared as I think he is. 

I hope you're sitting down. Honestly? 

Sex. I haven't had sex in 2015 soooo yeaaaa. I've made two attempts, but Anthony stands by the fact that he can "feel the baby" and it "grosses him out" b/c its "like he's in the same room." At this point I'm probably considered a born again virgin. Its not even right to do that to someone normally, but like with all the hormones?  pssssh How rude of your husband not to do you when you're pregnant, right? <-------this is me calling Anthony out. Man, I sure do hope that sex finds its way back into my life... (hint hint Anthony)

I'm very thankful that despite all the heinousness I've been through, he's super healthy. Like none of it affected him and he's been flourishing.  Maybe it's Pregnancy Stockholm Syndrome, but now that I'm approaching the end of it all...I kind of feel thankful that it happened like this. This horrible miserable pregnancy has made me feel very strong.  I'm insanely proud of myself and everything I've gone through.  I've realized I'm a much stronger person than I ever thought. OR...then again it's pregnancy stockholm syndrome and someone should save me. lol

Some sharp pains in my vagina, tightening of the stomach, period cramps-ish and the new arrival of Hemmy.  The end is near...I have another appt on Tuesday to check the position, effacement and dilation.  Hopefully the Evening Primrose Oil and Raspberry Leaf Tea has been helping get things going.  Due to my medical condition with my low blood platelets, my doctor will not let me go past my due date...and more than likely will be inducing me at some point in the next few weeks, so I'm trying everything I can to get things moving naturally.  My only remaining cards to pull (which I'll wait another week on)...is Castor Oil and good old fashioned sex.  Anything to not be hooked up to a Pitocin drip :/