I went out with friends and had alcoholic beverages. My child went to bed without me...unfazed. It begins.

Here's a photo of us. I didn't get the "only wear black" memo.

RIP engorged morning Pamela Anderson boobs. The melons are no more. Besides a big feed in the morning and one before bed, I only get drive by’s throughout the day when K’s thirsty and looking for a top off. And with less nursing, comes smaller tata's and loose skin. Ewww

His ravenous appetite hasn’t diminished though. Check out this video. Not sure exactly what you’d call this. Inhaling? If I slow down he gets very angry. I blame the pouches. Once I started giving him those damn squeeze pouches and he got use to emptying the entire thing in his mouth with one fist pump. 

Sleeping through the night and napping like clock work <——— A day that I never thought would come, came. Here’s a little diddy I wrote about my adventures. It really is amazing though. It also helps that Anthony and I are sleeping in separate rooms too. My body is still adjusting to the awesomeness. I keep waking up at like 5:45 or 6:00AM and completely alert and refreshed lol I guess I don't need to go to bed so early any more.

 ANTHONY: Went to Ikea to go and do fun adult things, but K fell asleep in the car. Not wanting to wake the beast, we drove through In & Out (my old preggo stomping grounds), pulled into the parking lot...and had a sexy impromptu burger date with some nice tunes. You gotta get those dates in when you can.

He laughs and squeals and it’s awesome. He’s a little person with more than the two emotions, tired or fussy. Screw the first 6 months. The last three…those are the ones I’m holding on to. As much as I look forward to him walking and talking, I’ve finally hit the stage where I’m like, NOOOOOO don’t grow up. Slow down. This is the fun baby stage.


*I think he's turning into an attention whore like his mama. He really likes being the center of attention...well unless you talk to him one on one. Then he gets super shy.

When you ignore all the rules and barriers...and end up having the time of your life lol #gymboree #balls #baby #slide

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*We’ve gone from crusin’ to climbing. Specifically in and out of the bath tub. So that’s fun

*He walks with his walker or by holding onto the back of your legs and hitching a ride.

Resourceful🚶🏻👶🏼 * * * #baby #momlife #dadlife #walker #8months

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*6 teeth. Could be more, who knows. They keep popping up. At this rate he should have roughly 3462 by October. 

*He says “DaDa” nonstop, but as I so eloquently told the hubs…it doesn’t count. Unless we’re all going to pretend like Dada also means baby gate, shelby, I want milk, I just shit myself and so on. Everything is DaDa and everyone is Dada. 

*He still says “Mom” in his old man voice after eating, but again…I’m not counting any words until he understands the meaning behind it lol Cuz if we are, then his first word was Grandma when he was like 2 months old lol

*Eats breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3000 snacks a day, which is hard since he’s an incredibly picky eater. He’s rejected all meat and things colored green. Fun stuff. Guess he’s a boob and fruititarian for now. 

*I started him on baby led weaning to get him more interested in veggies. He’s eating sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash…and banana. Haven’t had much luck with anything else though.

*Not allergic to eggs

*Did his first acting debut for Whats Up Moms which was fun.

*My agent asked for a picture of Killian and then immediately insisted on sending him over to the kid's dept...and then they were like "those eyes". One thing led to another and now he as a commercial agent. I don't want him to have anything to do with Hollywood and the industry, but he's too young to remember, right? lol 

1. He's in this weird stage where I don't know what to feed him. He's eat way to much for puree. I mean I can't give him like 6 jars a day...but then solid food is too solid. I've tried bannas and sweet potatoes, but now he's tired of those. Any organic ideas out there for me?

Some kind of crazy witchcraft is happening where I’m fairly certain I can either read K’s mind or he’s figure out some way of teaching me his very specific language. I find myself completely dialed in. A simple grunt or whine and I hear full sentences. Its like Chinese writing…one symbol = one paragraph. Just the other night Anthony was feeding K and he kept grunting. Confused as to why DADA was ignoring him, I shouted “Why are you feeding him so slowly? He’s obviously frustrated and wants you to go fast.”  Well apparently it wasn’t obvious and I just speak Killian.