39...40 WEEKS? - ONE DAY MORE!

Well for the first time, my blood platelets didn't drop...they WENT UP 6 points, which was pretty epic and surprising to all of us! It doesn't change my medical situation, but it does make me confident that I'll stay above 50 before induction, which was the ultimate danger zone we've been fearing. Thank you baby Jesus...and In-N-Out!! That's what I needed guys...Burgers and the Lord! :)

The game plan is...I'll be admitted tomorrow night and given Cervidil to ripen the ol' cervix...and then hopefully...Tuesday morning it's on like Donkey Kong!! Ahhhhhhh!  Oh hello light at the end of the tunnel, so nice to meet your acquaintance. 

Well I thought 39 weeks, but get this...my OB casually mentions at my appt on Tuesday (while looking at my chart)...oh it looks here that when we did your initial high level ultrasound, the specialist measured your due date as 9/9, not 9/13...so technically...when we induce you, you'll be right on schedule. ... ... So there you have it folks, I guess I'll be 40 weeks in a couple days.

24 lbs...as much as it feels like he's turned into a 47 pound baby, for some reason the scale hasn't moved...I'm feeling pretty solid about my 24lb weight gain. I hope my belly deflates as quickly as Tom Brady's Superbowl balls. <-----pop culture reference

When I posted this, Anthony frantically texted me to say you could see my boob in my sunglasses reflection and I had to take it down and I'm all like "chill, its my knee". The End.

OMG Hot flashes! Severe hip and pelvis pain, sore vagina...all indicative of him dropping into place.  Unfortunately the pressure also gave Hemmy a few more friends, so I did what anyone would do. I drove my rhoid-ass to CVS to buy the dream team (Tucks, Prep H and Witch Hazel) and for whatever ungodly reason they had it all on the bottom shelf!! So I'm just stood there in disbelief at what seemed like an Alfred Hitchcock vertigo slow-motion shot...looking down, looking at the pharmacist...contemplating going to the counter and giving them a piece of my mind and a lesson in physics...but like...awkward.  So instead, I shimmied down like a bear trying to itch his back on a tree in the forest and grabbed whatever was closest and got the hell out of there. Felt like some cruel joke... on my butthole. Oh pregnancy...you're something else.

nah not really...Anthony has just been shoving so much iron down my throat, I think I might grow an ARC reactor and electromagnetic chest piece.

I went to bed at 7:30pm last night...also I woke up at 9:30am. For you mathematicians...that's 14 hours of sleep ...give or take an hour or so's worth of pee breaks.

We will only know the truth once the belly deflates, but I think it's safe to say I made it through with no stretch marks. Holla! ::high fives self::

Just being narcissistic and taking selfies as per usual...


*For this baby to come on his own.  
*If he doesn't, I hope that the Cervidil works quickly tomorrow night.
*If it doesn't, I hope the Pitocin works quickly and I don't sit there writhing in pain for hours on end. And if I do...I hope I hypnobirth the shit out of it!
*That my taint remains intact and I don't end up with a Vaganus. <-----that's when your vagina and anus become one.  It's also a word I just made up.
*Anthony doesn't faint...or vomit.
*Hemmy doesn't make more friends...bigger bouncer-type friends. 

Omg guys! I can't believe I'm going to be a mom.  I am so freaking excited at all the new challenges and laughs waiting for me.  I've always been a nurturer and I know being a mom will be the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. Ahhhhh So many emotions.  So anxious.