The monotony of being a Stay At Home Mom can really grate on you. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day.…only a lot more poo and a lot less Bill Murray. My life has become predictable. So predictable, I can time Killian's morning shit down to the minute. Actually...I'm pretty sure my own poos have got on a schedule too. Gotta shake things up. I'm fully aware that since the beginning I hoped and prayed for some remnant of schedule, but f&*k me if I don’t feel like I’m losing my mind over here. Feels like I'm running on a rat wheel over and over again. 

So tomorrow I’m starting a 30 day mind, body and soul cleanse. Purging all the blah. I’ll be diving back into my workouts with Mike Dolce, getting UFC Fit (and I’ll blog about it on my site if you're interested) That’s for the body. I’ll also be unplugging the tv completely. That’s for the mind. And starting this weekend, I’m headed back to church. That’s for the soul. I’m hoping that breaking up the routine and focusing on healthier things that I enjoy, will lighten the mood around here. The politics on tv (since literately all I watch is news) is slowly but surely sucking my life away. Crazy how having a kid always makes you wanna be a better human. They keep you accountable like that. Anyways I’m excited. Now I just have to pray that my son doesn’t have other plans.

This week he devoured everything in sight. He went through two weeks worth of baby food and then started picking off my plate. Time to start making big batches of food again. I’ll take any and all recipes. 

Well my mom and dad were in town, sooooo the whole week was pretty awesome. My mom did laundry, washed dishes, mopped my floor and was like... the best human toy in the whole world to Killian. He was completely enamored with her. I'm certain he likes her more than me. This morning when he woke up, he kept looking around, opening doors, trying to find her. My dad cooked so many meals…and then made huge batches of freezer meals for the whole week. He also spent a huge portion of time putting up our pool fence with Anthony, which is a huge thing off my mind now. I barely lifted a finger. It was amazing. I miss my village. I miss the company. I never feel like I have visitors when they’re in town. Here's my awesome parents.

Ugh. The dogs. We go through Fall, Winter, Spring…and no fleas…no flea treatment even. The moment summer hits, out come the fleas...and out comes the Advantage Flea Treatment…and fleas go bye bye. Well this time they didn’t go bye bye without taking a toll on my sanity and poor Willow. Flea medicine didn’t work. 3 flea baths didn’t work. 4 Pinterest DIY hacks didn’t work. Now we’re not talking about an infestation and I’m definitely being overreactive, but the idea…the thought of fleas…just goes right through me. My house is clean, we don’t have any carpet, and the dogs are ONLY in the family room, which I vacuum several times a day because of my OCD regarding dog hair. Sooooo…it had to be somewhere in the backyard and they were hitching a ride on my poor fur babies. Well one flea treatment from Termanix on the backyard…and they’ve all finally stopped biting. But poor Willow…she’s allergic to flea bites so she scratched and bite herself silly. Also, I’m fairly certain she’s having a reaction to the flea medicine, which honestly after looking into it properly I never want to give it to her again. I’m rambling…but I hate fleas. Glad they’re gone. Hoping my little girl heals quickly. If anyone has actual natural remedies so I never have to give them Advantage again, that’d be great. Willow had finally stopped limping and doing the reverse sneeze…and now it’s all come back.

Here's Willow making a derpy face that made me laugh.

This was a pretty shit week for sleep. Not once did he sleep through the night. Nope. He woke up 2…3 times? I eventually just brought him to bed with me and threw a nipple at him. Pretty sure he’s been teething. And then he was just use to the middle of the night snack sessions…so…a hard dose of COI is probably in store for him tonight so we can get back to sleeping like humans. I'm telling you this in case you thought, once they sleep through the night, that means they ALWAYS sleep through the night. Cuz nope...you'll have bad nights here and there. And sometimes bad weeks. My baby isn't perfect. His sleep patterns aren't perfect. I am not perfect. Here's me letting him take a nap on my nip.


Still walking, but he really prefers walking, while holding onto your finger…so that he can kick things. My mom was walking around and he saw a ball…and kicked it. And just like that, it became his new favorite thing. He legit lifts his leg and kicks everything…sadly this includes the dogs, dog bowls, daddy’s bottle of beer he left on the floor, everything.

Started mimicking intonation a lot…and even some words. He said Grandma and Light…but alas no mama. He definitely understands words... like “No, Milk, Up, Shelby, Purple, Ball, Kick, Can I have that, Gonna Change You, All Done, Thank you, Lights”. Crazy how fast they learn things. So we’re now 1 week free from the F word. 

It’s hilarious when you see your child make a facial expression or do a mannerism that you do. I’m obviously over-expressive when it comes to Killian…well when it comes to anything really, but specifically any time Killian gives me something, I say “Thank You” and shrug my shoulders and tilt my head with a big smile. I know this because, that's exactly what he does back to me now hahaha 

The kid grinds his teeth. ::shivers::

He ate warm food for the first time ever. I've been trying for a while but he throws it away. But I guess he loved Colonel’s (my dad…that’s what we call him…Colonel lol) cooking. He had carrots, potatoes and even peppers. 

One night, my mom brought out a hard drive of a million photos of me when I was younger. It made me laugh and cry…but also…holy shit we are twinsies. Look at these! I swear I'm looking at Killian! Seeing these few photos made me realize how grateful we all are to have cameras at our fingertips 24/7.