I’m feeling pretty amazing to be honest. Wish I had started working out months ago…and nothing to do with weight loss. I just feel so energized and... happier. The entire postpartum process is a mental f*&k. With the hormones crashing, believe me when I say, its SO easy to get depressed. If I’m completely honest I’ve been in and out of depression since day 1. And couple that with sleep deprivation and isolation? You end up stuck in this endless roundabout of “blah” and it seems impossible to get out. But it just takes one thing…one workout, one hobby, one something to pull you out. Took me 10 months, but two weeks of working out... and I feel the best I’ve felt in years ...and my clothes fit better and I lost that pesky double chin. I’m just so much happier and productive. If anyone out there is feeling super unmotivated, tired, lethargic or overall “bleh”, muster up everything you’ve got and give it a try for a few days…there’s light and the other end, I promise. And it’s always a good week when you lose a chin. 

Feel free to check out my HEALTH section and read my blogs on each workout. They're short and sweet, but I also keep a food log if you're into that kind of thing.

I went to the movies on my birthday!! This may not sound like much, but I haven't seen a movie in theatres in over a year. I found an awesome thing Pacific Theatres does called Mommy & Me Movies. Every Monday at 11AM, they show a movie and it's baby friendly. Basically it's 30 women with their tits out breastfeeding their newborns to sleep, while trying to shovel popcorn down and feel human for a couple hours. Or maybe that was just me? Killian napped on the way to he was bright eyed and bushy tailed through the entire thing. I didn't care. It was awesome. I saw Ghostbusters. Ah the smell of popcorn, the dim lighting, the surround sound? It was so cool lol The last 30 minutes of the movie, though, I did stairs with Killian. Like literately he wanted to walk up and down the entire flight of stairs. Guess I worked off the popcorn. I laughed a lot and...well....Chris Hemsworth. Mmmmmm 

My picture says..."Who you gonna call?" Get it? B/c...ghostbusters? Eeeeesh #momjokes

I went out for my birthday lunch and there was one tv screen, right by our table, that was showing CNN. Like a addict to cocaine, I couldn’t help but look out the corner of my eye to the streaming graphics. I felt my blood pressure rise. I felt angry. That shit is toxic I swear...

I’ve been giving Killian pieces of whatever is on my plate at every meal. So far no complaints. He even ate a piece of chicken that had a few spices on it (cumin, cayenne and pepper) and loved it. Keeps you honest tho, huh? Can’t exactly eat chips in salsa when the little one is looking at you like, “Can I have some?” Having a baby eat off your plate is the best diet ever. 

WAY BETTER. A light switched and he finally went back to his old sleeping habits. Praise the sleep gods. Well, except my birthday. He woke me up that night…naturally.

I let him nap without his zipadee zip for the first time...and he did this. Note to self: Always use the zipadee zip.

That laugh...

When @shaleyscottmusic comes to town and your kid goes apeshit lol 😂

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I brought Killian into Anthony’s music studio on Friday. Music was playing and all of a sudden Killian starts dancing! He was like doing squats really fast and laughing. I’m like…is he dancing? Anthony stopped the music, and he stops dancing. He starts the music…off he went again bending his knees and doing a jig. Then he sat on the ground and started dancing while sitting…almost like a gyration lol Then he started crawling and mid crawl he stopped and did another jig. This kid…apparently he really feels the music.

Its pretty challenging right now, because I’m sure I should be teaching him more. So every day I’m trying to add new things in, but you’re always like…am I doing this right? lol And then I’ll move on to something else and then a few days later he forgets what I taught him and I have to reteach it all over again. Ugh. Raising tiny humans is hard.

While he does say MomMom and DadDad…and occasionally “Thank You”…I think I’m gonna call it…his first word is "Light”. I say that, because I know he knows what it means. I know that he knows, light means light. Because he points at it, smiles, does the sign for light and then says it lol This kid…he’s always been captivated by lights. When he was a newborn and getting fussy, I remember we would always show him the Christmas tree lights and he’d stop instantly. The thing with babies, though…they only do things when they want to do them. Soooooo he only says light when HE wants to. Here he is at church again...mesmerized.

His mobility is insane. He can walk, stop, pivot and walk in a different direction. He can walk and step over things, around things. And climb stairs....apparently 

Killian has no interest in the tv or screens whatsoever. I know that every child eventually watches tv and plays video games, but I’m happy that 10 months in…it’s not a thing in our house. He doesn’t watch cartoons, I don’t show him things on my phone, and it’s just not a part of our routine whatsoever. More than anything, it’s trained me. This is our normal. I don’t have tv as a crutch, so we just come up with other things to do. I know it’s naive to think he’d have a childhood as tv-less as I had, but I really am gonna try. The memories I have, exploring the backyard with my brother and sister…or playing pretend with our toys…priceless.