Its been 3 weeks. 3 weeks of working out, 3 weeks without watching tv (except Netflix when I watched Stranger Things, which is epic and you should watch immediately) and 3 weeks back at church. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and make a change, so…guess I’ve made it past the proverbial finish line or something. Go me.

I moved all my workouts on over to Periscope, which has been so much better, well.... besides all the random pervy guys and their “take your top off” comments, but what can you do? The internet can be weird. But if you wanna join in, I generally start between 7:30-8:30 AM Pacific Time, depending on Killian. I try to find that sweet spot, which is some time after breakfast and his morning poo but not too close to his nap. I'll share the video links on Facebook, but FYI they expire after 24 hrs. 

If anyone out there is feeling exactly like I did…sleep deprived, exhausted and overall blah…or if you’re in a rut thinking you couldn’t possibly have the energy to do anything beyond survive the day…just give it a try and workout with me in your living room. Do it nude. Do it at 20%. Whatever you do...just do it…when it’s over you’ll be punching the air Rocky style, high fiving yourself and wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Exercise has been the best anti-depressant I could’ve imagined. It’s my new best friend.'s my only friend, but still.

Being a daughter of a man in the Air Force meant one very important thing... I moved around…a lot. Every 2 years I’d find myself in a different city, at a different school, trying to make different friends. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was not.

My 7th and 8th grade was in Fort Leavenworth, KS and i had the privilege of going to school on the military base with other military kids. It was probably one of the only times in my childhood that I felt like I truly belonged anywhere. A sea of my peers who…just got it. We were all in the same boat. Our moms and dads went TDY, we shopped at the commissary and thought everyone in America listened to the national anthem before a movie played in theaters. We were military brats.

In those two years I made some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had to date, specifically Robby and Matt. The three musketeers. Well…that’s what I called us in my head lol So yesterday morning I received a text from Robby saying he was in LA on business and was wondering if he could come over and say hey and meet my baby, to which I said “of course”. I didn't clean my house, comb my hair or even wipe my baby's face. And when I opened the door? It was 1997. There was no awkwardness, nervousness, or stumbling over words. It was like I’d just seen him yesterday, even though I haven’t seen him in over 3 years. He came in, we talked about our kids, my shit show of a birth story, politics and well,…who cares what we talked about…a person came into my home who I hadn’t seen in over 3 years and I never felt more “at home". I miss having those kinds of friends. The kind of friends you just don’t have to explain yourself to. The ones who just get you. At one point we video chatted with Matt and I couldn’t help but freeze time in my mind…and remember laughing and joking and making fun of each other like the we did all those years ago. Only now we were 30 something, with jobs and responsibilities. Truth is even though everything has changed…nothing had changed. We were still those kids inside. 

It’s very unique for me to be around someone that’s known me when I was younger. Besides family, everyone I know only gets a couple years of me. 7th and 8th grade were some of the best years. After he left, I turned to Anthony and started crying. I said, “I miss that…I miss having friends like that. He’s my Jay (referring to Jason, Anthony’s best friend back in England). I miss having someone that you can sit in a room with silent and feel at ease.” I know this story kinda sounds like a sad thing…but it wasn’t. It was only a few hours, but it was the highlight of my week. It was nice to see a familiar face. It was nice to see him high give my son. It was nice to remember what it was like when I was in junior high and life was easy. 

This is probably one of the dumbest lowlights I’ve ever written, but whatever…    In Los Angeles we have bicycle lanes. It’s roughly 3-4 feet that runs along side the normal car lanes, where bicyclist can mince around freely…not impending upon foot traffic on the sidewalk nor cars on the road. It’s nice. Except when an asshat on his bicycle decided he didn’t want to go in the bicycle lane. No…his yellow spandex onesie and black helmet must’ve made him impenetrable. So he ignores the bicycle lane, swerves into the normal lane where my big, red and potentially murderous mini van is…without any hand signals…and doesn’t look back. I, of course, swerve…potentially putting myself and my child in danger to avoid running him over. I’m angry. Obviously I’m ANGRY. I assume that maybe it’s a mistake. Nope…he continues cycling in the car lane. I honk. He looks at me, flips me off and keeps going. I begin shouting with extreme road rage at this point, while pointing to the bicycle lane and using very choice expletives. He keeps flipping me off, driving his whopping 10mph right in front of me…which I thought was pretty bold for someone on a bike. I’ve never understood bikes on the road. If a bike hits a person on a sidewalk…you may get some bruises. If a car hits a bicyclist on the road…you’re dead. And every single driver hates you. You stop traffic, people have to go around or serve into other lanes. Yes…lets save the environment, but don’t be a dick…use the bike lane. Whatever…I drove off as soon as I had a clearing. Fuck that guy. Get off the road. Car against a bike…and you will lose your life dude. You are not more important than other drivers on the road. END RANT #RoadRageIsReal

I didn't given up on greens. I kept offering them and now... ::drum roll:: he likes cucumber! Actually prefers it to apples! Praise the green gods! He’s eating lots of solids now. I think we have a healthy mix of solids, pooches and breastmilk. I haven’t had rock hard tits in a while, so I presume he’s drinking less. He also is throwing back water. He loves it. So I figured I just won’t let him know fruit juice exists for as long as I can lol

We’re all sleeping. It’s glorious.


His dance moves continue to evolve and impress.

He can fully stand up from sitting down, not holding onto anything. Nope just with sheer strength of those thighs. There’s literately no stopping him now. Well besides baby gates.

He says “Dog”…and decided that food is “Nom Nom Nom”…which is pretty funny. Talking is kind of erratic. He doesn’t always say words. He actually doesn’t always do anything. Sometimes he still leaves me hanging on a high five. 


As much as he loves it, this kid will not clap. I've tried. He just laughs at me.

He understands the concept of "chasing"…which is just the best. I chase him and he screams and laughs.

He started calling me Nano …not sure why

He figured out how to take his diaper off…so that sucks. Now I have to put clothes on him. 

Obsessed with putting things in the trash or out the doggy door. Least he likes to clean up? 


I really need a handbook. There should be a handbook they give you when you leave the hospital. A week by week. Activities to do with babies, milestones to look for. I mean shit…I’m not a teacher. Should I be making flash cards? 

Also...screw Los Angeles. I wish I didn't live here. I'm gonna shout it out to the universe...take me back to the east coast please! Back to my friends, my family, the rain, normal people, etc etc. I'm over it. Screw the wildfires and earthquakes too...ain't nobody got time for that.