He's a twiddler. Every time he breastfeeds, he tries to tweak my other nipple. Me? Not a fan. No matter how many battles they've gone through this past year, no one is prepared for nipple twisting. He pokes it, pinches it, twists it. I try and cover it up or shield it with my other arm, but then he just does the go-to backup, which is to shove his pointer finger in my mouth. I mean…what the hell? I didn’t sign up for this strange abuse.

He's 11 months...I have no idea what I'm going to do for his first birthday. I mean...does it really matter? I feel like anything I did would just be for pictures lol

He started pointing at things he wants. He wants up on the couch? he points to it. He wants boob?  he points to it. It’s kinda rude, but…efficient. 

We have a pointer. Usually just at my breasts. How rude 🙊☝👆👇👈👉🖕

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I can’t get him to call me mom anymore. It’s “No No” or nothing :(

When you give him something and he doesn't want it, he insists you take it back. The concept of just dropping it or throwing it evades him. 

When you give your kid broccoli and he won't stop crying until it's no longer in his hands 🙊

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Apparently he’s a food artist. I’m still not sure how the hell this happened. One banana-mango squirt and a cartoon puffer fish emerged. It's like Jesus toast, but not.

Killian and I go on walks now. And every time we do, he reaches to hold my hand. I hope he never stops doing that.

Baby's first shoes! #StrideRite

He’s consistently sleeping through the night, however he wakes up at the ass crack of dawn. Some time between 5:30-6:15AM. Do I move his bedtime back? I moved it back 30 minutes and it made no difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated since I’m not a huge fan of waking up before the sun rises.

I started to suspect that my scale was full of shit, when every time I’d hop on, it’d give me the exact same number…to the decimal…at various times in the day. I was like, “No, scale that’s impossible. I’ve eaten and drank and all kinds of stuff since the morning. You’re a dirty liar.” So I got a new one. One of the old school ones with the dial. Turns out I’m 4 lbs light than I’ve thought I was. So that was pretty exhilarating. Easiest 4 lbs I’ve lost all year ;) 

We had a bunch of errands this weekend. Groceries, car wash, you know, fun stuff. #adulting We were less than a mile from home. Plenty of time to get in/get out of Target and be home for nap time. One minute before we pulled into the parking lot, Killian falls asleep. I was like, "Crap. Now he's gonna wake up and be mega cranky." For some reason, if you lift him out of the car, no matter how tired he is, he wakes up and won't go back down for a nap. He thinks the nap is over. I'm telling you, no matter how ninja you are...he wakes up.

Well either home or Target he was gonna get woken up anyway, so Anthony lifted him out and he did not wake. Anthony put him in the stroller... and he did not wake! Killian is a very particular sleeper. He'll only sleep in his crib or the car seat. Wanna cuddle with him? Too bad. Crib or car seat. Thems the brakes. So him sleeping in the stroller was huge! Finally someone made the transfer sucessfully. We were so excited. We high fived. Until we realized that we were now stuck in Target for the next hour and a half roaming the aisles. Does that count as a date? I think it counts as a date. It was relaxing. We discovered all kinds of hidden treasures like $90 yellow end tables I want...and $3 organic five pepper salsa. Lots of cool stuff in Target, guys. #DateNight

I have a crier. :/ So the first 2 times he went to church daycare, he was fine. Then he realized that when we left, we’d be gone for a while. Now he cries when I go to drop him off. He turns into a grade A cling on. He latches to me and cries the most hysterical cry…and curls his lip. It’s horrible. This is the 4th week in a row he’s done it. They say he stops and has fun, but then after 15 min he starts crying again and they have to take him outside, put him in a stroller and rock him till he calms. Every Sunday we cross our fingers that we don’t find him in the stroller…and yet…there he is. What the hell do I do? Is this normal? He doesn’t forget either. Whoever drops him off that week…he cries if you try and pick him up after church. And now he started crying everywhere now…like if anyone tries to talk to him, he hides behind my leg and starts crying. Not sure if this is normal, if I have a mama's boy, or if its because I'm a stay at home mom....but it sucks.

We decided to start being adults and eat dinner every night at the dining room table. Our table has bench seating, so I’ve been sitting Killian right next to me and giving him exactly what I cook every night. It’s so cute to see him sitting at the table. Feels like we're a real family lol His favorite food is  protein. Chicken, eggs, turkey, grass fed beef burgers…those are the first to go. I still can’t get over how good of an eater he is. I thought there’d be a lot more choking involved for some reason. 

I can’t stop the #loveyourspousechallenge. I’m addicted. It’s way too much fun. You can follow me on Instagram if you wanna see them or just read about it here.

Its only now that I realize how much babies suck. Now that Killian is walking, communicating, sleeping through the night and all that good stuff. He’s like a little human. His personality is coming through and it’s just so much fun. He loves getting chased. He understands games like peek-a-boo. Man…he’s so awesome. Babies though? No thanks. Glad that’s over.