"I never thought much about foreskin until I met my husband. It was just…a flap of skin that some guys had…and some didn’t. A turtleneck for your willy...a shawl for your wiener...a burka for your durka [idk thats probably not a piece euphemism, but it sounded funny.]. Well I'd like to introduce you to my husband, "The Champion for Foreskins Everywhere."...

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“So he’s sleeping through the night now?”
“Yep! Well….sometimes. 50/50. He’ll sleep through the night…or wakes up once.”
“Ok well he’s proven to you that he knows how to sleep through the night, so you should start moving towards letting him cry it out if he keeps waking.”
“Well, I’ve let him cry it out so he knows how to put himself to sleep…so if he’s waking…I’m assuming that he really needs me.”
“He may wake up hungry, but if you wake up hungry…you don’t cook yourself a meal in the middle of the night, do you?
“He’ll be fine. It’s great for his digestive system to get a break… and at some point he’ll need to sleep through the night. It should only take a week and he’ll figure it out.”
“It’s just…sometimes he only takes 2 naps and skips the 3rd catnap…so by the time we get to bedtime he’s so tired he passes out while feeding, so I don’t think he fills up enough, which is why he wakes.”
“You mean he gets sleepy and you put him to bed?”
“You aren’t letting him fall asleep on your boob every night are you?”
“What? Huh? Oh no…no I don’t do that.”
"Oh ok good."

….So I lied to my pediatrician...obviously. I have nursed Killian to sleep at bed time every single day of his life. HA! I love it. It’s relaxing for me…for him…it’s part of his bedtime ritual. But now I'm like oh shit...Should I NOT be doing this? He made it seem like if I did do that…that Killian would never be able to fall asleep any other way. Just wondering if there’s anyone else out there that did this and had a smooth transition. 

Also…I don’t mind waking up once a night if he’s hungry. If he doesn’t wake up…my boobs do and I wake up engorged.

So I’m asking all of you…because I couldn’t ask my pediatrician because I lied to him. Anyone else do these same bad habits?