It was a cold December day. Anthony and I were doing some holiday shopping. Christmas music playing, tree shining bright and right before eyes was "Santa's House". What witchcraft was this? No line? No line. 

There we were in front of a Christmas-lit path luring me to bring my child to do something I swore I would never get sucked into doing...get pictures with Santa. Anthony looked at me and I knew...we were gonna do this. He's such a sucker for things like that. Before he could say a word, I said, "Go see if it's a good Santa or a shit Santa first." Anthony peaked around the corner and gave me the thumbs up. Next thing I know we're walking into the Winter Wonderland. A nice woman says, "Lets do the family photos first." I hadn't done my hair, and Anthony was wearing sweatpants, but when someone offers to take a picture of your say Cheese and be thankful it's not another shitty selfie. They snapped 2 photos. This is the best one. As you can see...Killian looks very confused.

Here's another one. The photographer really paid attention to how awesome it looks when my son's eye is smooshed up against my chest.

Then it was Santa time. I thought nothing of it. I'll hand him my kid...and like, they'll take a picture...and that's it. That is not what happened. Something different happen that day. Something came over me. Something I wasn't prepared for. I came around the corner and there he was...the most magical looking Santa I'd ever seen. For the record, I am not being melodramatic when I tell you this story. I'm serious...The child in me immediately froze. It was as if I was standing in front of the biggest celebrity in the universe. I was nervous. My hands started sweating! I didn't know what to say...I found myself not even making eye contact with him! I didn't know how to felt real. It felt like I was meeting Santa for the first time...not Killian...Kristen was meeting Santa. I didn't even know how to talk to him! I knew he was a guy dressed as Santa...but I couldn't shake this feeling. With my head hung low, I handed him Killian. They snapped 6 photos. 3 of them Killian had his eyes closed. Here's the best and all. 

At this point, I'm confident all of you reading this know what I'm talking about...b/c this Santa looks legit. Look at that suit! ...and that beard?  Anyways, I walk over and like a stuttering fool, I like don't even know how to take my child back. Do I talk to him as Santa? Or as an actor playing Santa? Then Santa says to me, "How old is he?" SANTA IS TALKING TO ME. I shit you not...I just stared at him.  Santa says AGAIN..."How old is he?" I mumble 3 months, even though he was older than that...I grabbed Killian and rushed to check out. It wasn't until we get in the car that Anthony says, "What was wrong with you? Why were you so nervous around Santa? He asked you his name 5 times and you just said uh huh and walked away".  Truth is...I never even heard him ask me that. I'm 96% sure that was the real Santa and I froze. So that's the story about the time I met Santa for the first time.  Here's my favorite outtake.  Killian's face says it all...he's like "OMG mom...No one look, but Santa is touching my hand!" 

I know baby boy...I know. I felt it too!