Oh hells ya. Periscope is the way to go. Where I average 200-300 viewers on Facebook, I cleared 1100 on Periscope. I had 215 comments vs the usual 3 lol So it was far more interactive...and I actually had fun. Felt like I was making new friends. Were some of them pervy? Of course, but that's the internet. I'd expect nothing less. But there were equally as many comments giving me support, asking advice, etc. Felt awesome. Sometimes the internet can be cool. Sometimes. I really needed it today, though, bc I did NOT want to work out. I went out last night and had so much cheese fondue, meat, chocolate fondue, I mean I ate a lot. I was swollen, bloated and hungover. Nothing in me wanted to work out. Not a single fiber of my being. But like...on the off chance that someone out there was depending on me for their workouts, I showed up. Glad I did it. And I'm beyond excited to see how it turns out tomorrow. I think periscope deletes your videos after 24hrs, which I'm totally fine with.


Kashi Crunch Cereal
Unsweetened Almond Milk

dried mango

3 eggs scrambled
2 trader joes potato pancakes
8 small strawberries

dried mango

Peppers stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese
Butternut Squash and Onions

popcorn (popped from organic kernels with coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt)