Feels like I'm finally out of the woods. The soreness has subsided and I'm starting to have more energy. Well...more energy while I'm working out. The rest of the day? I just wanna the whole day... and eat everything. It's always hard when you're looking at Day 5 and know you have 79 more to go. Not that I'm dreading the workouts, I just wanna skip ahead to the AFTER body lol

Not sure if I'm losing weight, but that's not really my goal. I just wanna feel more in shape and look less jiggly. Also if I can somehow manage to tighten up my stomach skin, that'd be ace. I'm not sure if it's possible...but it can't hurt to try.

But more than anything, I kinda love that I started my postpartum workout journey ...10 months in. I didn't pop a kid out and head to the gym 6 weeks later. Instead I was just able to bask in being a mom for the first time with no pressure from my husband to "snap back". Like he literately looked me right in the face those first few weeks, wearing nothing but mesh panties and a maxi pad...and never said a word. Every week that would pass, he would just tell me how great I was doing...and how great I looked. Every month of breastfeeding that's passed, he's congratulated me and my tits lol He's been on this postpartum journey with me. Every step of the way, he's been cheering me awe of my body and all it's done. Sometimes I think it was more normal and comfortable for him than it was for me. That...or the English in him is too polite to say anything lol Any time I've been down on body, he's reminded me, "You JUST had a baby!" Big nipples, hemorrhoids, pudgy stomach? he never said a word. I never had to snap back...but now I'm ready to.


Almond Milk
Kashi Go Lean Crunch

A few small cherry plums.

3 eggs scrambled
2 trader joes potato pancakes
8 small strawberries

Dried Mango

Organic Spaghetti + Ground Turkey Mmmm
1 slice sprouted grain bread

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream ...whoops

Turns out I like to eat the same things over and over agin lol