Today was rough. Trying to get on a schedule and workout is hard enough, but trying to do it as a mother of a baby... is almost impossible. If it hadn't been for me live streaming it today, I'd of given up. Actually, I wouldn't have even started. Why? Well because my little angel woke up at 3:30 in the morning and like...didn't go back to sleep. He was wide awake, babbling, playing with my nipple, and flailing around. After 45 minutes of this...I give up. That's when he began crawling around the bed, lifting up on the headboard and bodyslamming my face WWE style. So my day started at 3:30AM. And that's just wrong on so many levels. That's like the time you have to wake up once a year, when you have an early morning flight. Everything about 3:30AM is unnatural. But...motherhood.

On top of that he was uber clingy. So during the entire workout, he's like climbing on me, pulling my pants down or whining for absolutely no reason. I can't tell you how many times I just wanted to stop, call it a day and go cry on the couch and feel sorry for myself. Babies find this way of pushing your buttons..over and over and over again until they break you. They test your patience. They test your willpower. I just keep telling myself, do what you can. Don't be a hero, but finish. And I finished. Here's a photo of my feelings today. So many fuck you's....but with a smile of course. 

I've started to notice that my skin is dry and I'm not going to the bathroom as clearly I'm still not drinking enough water. So I'm gonna work harder on that tmrw. Between working out, breastfeeding, you have to mega hydrate just to stay afloat.

I have noticed my face looks slim. I feel like I've been eating way worse than usual...also way more, but I'm already feeling more toned. I'll be excited to see the before/after photos lol


Almond Milk
Kashi Go Lean Crunch

a ginger ale (My stomach is always uneasy when I wake up too ginger was needed)

3 eggs scrambled
2 trader joes potato pancakes
8 small strawberries

3 Trader Joe's gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Chicken (Cumin, Cayenne, Pepper)
Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Sweet Peppers stuffed with gorgonzola cheese wrapped in a pepperoni. For reals it's like the most delicious thing ever. I didn't make enough

Lots and lots of veggie sticks